Organic Rug Cleaning Tips & Info

The first thing most people do when spills and dirt falls onto their fine rugs is to grab any cleaning solution that will immediately remove stains. Who has time to determine whether or not a rug cleaner is eco-friendly -- the goal is to get rid of stains before the rug is completely ruined. Unfortunately, this way of thinking can actually cost you in the long run.

Many people fail to realize that most cleaning products available in stores can have an adverse effect to their health and even the environment. With our organic rug cleaning, you don’t have to worry. Our products are bio-degradable with very low or no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This makes our rug cleaning human friendly and pet friendly.

Tips on Keeping Your Rugs in Excellent Condition

To protect and extend the life of your rugs, there are a few important tips you will want to follow:

Vacuuming is the first step to proper rug care. Vacuuming regularly will get rid of dirt from your quality rugs. Avoid having dirt accumulate on your rugs, otherwise it will cause oily substances to enter through the crevices of your rug fibers. Eventually, these oils will stick together and cause your rugs to look dull and matted.

Avoid the urge to use non-organic rug cleaning products. Non-organic cleaners may save you a few extra dollars but it is not worth the risk of damaging your rugs, or potentially harming your health from harmful toxins.

Hire a professional organic rug cleaning expert. Not every rug cleaning company specializes in organic rug cleaning. Our rug cleaning experts are also experts in organic rug cleaning. They are trained in the industry approved eco-friendly rug cleaning techniques that are guaranteed to give you quality results.

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